OH MAI OH MAI OH MAI. Kick.Snare coming back at you with 1) Barbeque coming straight to your jive ass from Detroit – bringing incredibly infections Piggy beats and plenty more to dance to 2) Ltron coming at you straight from space – a K.S veteran who’ll hit you with some of the best chip house and dance this side of Omicron Persei 8 and 3) exileFaker who comes with the composition and banger-inducing skills of a thousand year old sacred bird. DIY_Destruction really ties the room together with his retina searing Tibetan weaves. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE?? knife city will be rounding off the night with DJ set sure to leave you pantless and panting.

ATTENTION: we’ve moved! We are no longer at Branded Saloon but will be at Palisades in Bushwick. We’re sad to leave Branded (and that DANK bbq pulled pork sando) but things change! See you there.

Palisades (906 Broadway, Brooklyn) $7. All Ages



exileFaker [NYC]

“Since late 2008, Alex Kiefer has been composing music for the Nintendo Game Boy under the stage name ‘exileFaker’, inspired by the energy of the New York City chip music scene and the possibilities of Johan Kotlinski’s LSDj software. His sound is the result of careful selection from among the products of who knows what unconscious processes.”



Ltron [NYC]

Upon discovering what
the program was capable of,
the scientists took immediate precautions,
securing it inside of the nearest electronic
device they could find: A nintendo Game Boy.
They feared its power yet could not bring
themselves to destroy it. Trapped inside the machine
with no way to escape and return to its own time,
the program began expressing itself through
the sound chip of the Game Boy.

Eons passed..
An exploration vessel near a
planet called earth recorded
the following transmissions –
code-named: L-tron



Barbeque [Detroit]




knife city [NYC]

What a babe.




DIY_Destruction (Michael Goodman) has been doing visuals for the better part of 6 years using a circuit bent NES and custom Pure Data patches, using now a Raspberry Pi with Super Pikix Pi. Originally from NY, he has performed in Canada, Boston, England and numerous festivals such as PAX Prime, PAX East, MAG Fest and SuperByte 2013.