Spring all up in this beer. Welcome to the fourth kick.snare. This month we are bringing you the springingest tunes and viz we could find: Maxo will delight you with his salty-sweet, dank melodies, CrapHazzard will cause your booty to implode from over-exposure to flowers and sunshine, and exileFaker’s ‘1-2 melody and beats combo punch’ will leave you with a sunburn and enough Vitamin D to keep you high for a week. Finally, we are super pleased to announce No Carrier on viz! He has asked us to relay to you, “Bring dem sunnies doe” as his visuals will be like STARING INTO THE JULY SUN AT NOON. Be there. May 24th. 9pm to midnight. Branded Saloon.

Branded Saloon (7 Ave B/Q or Grand Army Plaza 2/3). 21+. $8




Since late 2008, Alex Kiefer has been composing music for the Nintendo Game Boy under the stage name ‘exileFaker’, inspired by the energy of the New York City chip music scene and the possibilities of Johan Kotlinski’s LSDj software. His sound is the result of careful selection from among the products of who knows what unconscious processes.



Don Miller is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. He performs live visuals in real time under the alias NO CARRIER. Miller works with nearly obsolete repurposed electronics to create psychedelic low resolution video art. Part of the 8bitpeoples artist collective, he performs, exhibits, and lectures worldwide. Much of the software used in the NO CARRIER project has been released for free and is open source.

Miller graduated from NYU’s ITP program in 2011. He currently serves as the Director of Software Engineering Education for the NYC Department of Education, bringing computer programming, robotics, electronics, web design, and mobile computing to public schools across all five boroughs. He has also worked as a Learning Designer at the Institute of Play in NYC, developing project-based and game-like curricula for Quest to Learn in Chelsea. Before that he spent time teaching creative coding to undergraduate students at CUNY. Since 2009 Miller has served as a Director of Playpower, a non-profit organization that works to bring low-cost educational games to developing countries.



CrapHazzard make beep boop music on Game Boys, modern computer’s and other odd platforms.


—- MAXO —-

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